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Gudrun Rosenberger

Gudrun Rosenberger Celtic Brighid priestess and spiritual teacher, mother of a son, two cats and a sacred garden. I live and work together with my partner Brian because of spiritual reasons in Salzkammergut (A).
Profound studies, training and experience for many years in:

History, ethnology, spiritual Astrology, dowsing, flower remedies, aromatherapy, shamanic drumming, work with gongs and singing-bowls, mystical dance theatre, spiritual photography, poetry and music, Celtic crafts, lectures, workshops, radio series – “Path Of The Goddess” energetic cleaning of people and places, creating “Sacred Space”, ritual work and Brighid-Healing.


Brian Leonard

The British musician, composer and poet lives and works since 1998 in Salzkammergut.
Out of the power and the magic of this landscape and culture, which is in its roots related to the British, he creates many deep evocative compositions and expresses them virtuously with guitars and voice but also with cantele and drum.
Brian Leonard

He has the special ability to tune himself intuitively to a certain person, a place or a theme and to express the energy pattern within, musically.
Not only in this way, he is an essential partner in bigger rituals, celebrations of the year and in situations, where healing sounds are needed.

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