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A - Guided meditation for single people or groups
to a personal inner place of healing.
Accompanied by your spiritual guide you travel to your island of healing where the Goddess will embrace you with love. You will receive exactly those impulses, symbols or messages which your body-soul-mind needs in that moment. - An active and intensive experience!

B - Single Session
In my function as a Brighid-Priestess I will transfer, after a preliminary talk in a relaxed atmosphere, the Brighid-Healing-Energy directly into your body to activate the appropriate self healing powers - Just be, let it happen and enjoy!


… with and from Brian Leonard, incl. CD.
After a preliminary talk Brian is tuning himself to you and your special theme and then will create the song. Whenever you listen to it later, its frequency will help to transform the dissonance into harmony.


Klangreise With gongs, chimes, timbales, Tibetan singing bowls and big earth drum.

Harmonizing and activating for aura, chakras, self-healing-powers, dissolution of blockages.
Journeys into the inner world or vision-quest.

Possible uses for:
Stress, lack of energy and enthusiasm, lack of grounding, emotional disturbances, supportive treatment for problems with the blood pressure, allergies, chronicle diseases, convalescence, weight problems, nervousness, emotionally caused problems with fertility and pregnancy, frigidity, cycle disorders, fears, grieve, aggression, lack of courage etc.

approx. duration 45 minutes, by appointment only, price on request.

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