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Inspiring Books:

  • Martha Sills-Fuchs: Wiederkehr der Kelten
  • Murry Hope: Magie und Mythologie der Kelten
  • Luise Francia: Mond-Tanz-Magie
  • Luise Francia: Hexenbesen-Zauberkraut
  • Margot Ruis: Naturwesen
  • Zsuzsanna E. Budapest: Mondmagie
  • Kathy Jones: The Ancient British Goddess
  • Kathy Jones: Spinning the Wheel of Ana
  • Hamish Miller & Paul Broadhurst: The Sun and the Serpent

Inspiring Music:

  • Jana Runnals: Return to the Goddess
  • Jana Runnals: Sacred Home
  • Carolyn Hillyer: Heron Valley
  • Vocal Ana: Singing the Wheel of Brigitana
  • Shawna Carol: Goddess Chant
  • Silver on the Tree: Morning Glory

Inspiring Pictures:

The magnificent pictures from the Goddesses in this homepage (with allowance of the artist – thank you!) were painted by Wendy Andrew and can be ordered there

Powerful pictures from Spirits and Ancestors you can find at Carolyn Hillyer

Photos & Poems:

All photos made by © Gudrun Rosenberger can be ordered as DinA4 prints in high solution.

Poem on front page and background painting on text pages made by © Gudrun Rosenberger.

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