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You have now dived into my holy waters and entered the realm of the Goddess, Her sacred grove, Her sacred temple.
I am one of Her priestesses and here I would like to share with you some of my experiences perceptions and realizations.

Maybe, one or another of these personal truths will resonate in you and call upon you, and perhaps, we'll meet in the "non- virtual world" and for a certain time, walk the PATH OF THE GODDESS together.

This is a place of tutoring and a place of manifesting.

On the left side, behind the symbols, you'll find important messages about the manifold world of modern Celtic spirituality.
Behind the headings at the top of the page, you get an overview of how I walk this path together with my partner and in which ways I do my work in the service of the Goddess

Be blessed in the name of the Great Mother, in the name of the Goddess, in Brighids name.

Brighid Priestesses
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