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… is as good as any other path; I walked many of them all are complementary. Whichever way you walk, none is in vain; each of them has a gift or a message for you.

Spiritually I travelled quite far to return back home, to the original roots of my ancestors: Christianity, Essener, Buddhism, Taoism, Hinduism, Theosophy, wisdoms of the North American Indians, wisdoms of the Mayas, Celtic spirituality and last but not least the cult of the Goddess.

Some of these systems are very complicated and do not give you a lot of support for every day life.

Our solar-system is the focus through which all cosmic developments get transformed and transported to us relating to our momentary level of development.

When we manage to reconnect properly with Mother Earth, Sun and Moon as well as with all correlated energetical and biological cycles, and when we become more and more one with this spiral of life, we'll develop automatically back to the origin which is our innate desire.

Then we will always know in our belly and our heart, what the appropriate action will be and our brain will be allowed to think over the right way of realization. Therefore, we don't need so called channelings or more or less horrible future prophesies.

The relearning of listening to our body, our heart, our soul and to all other creatures is the main point. The nature spirits, the Devas of animals, plants, rocks, waters and elements, the archetypes of the planets are all speaking to us, step by step we can learn to listen and comprehend. For this we don't need any complicated exotic techniques, but a growing sensitivity, respect and openness.

That which your heart desires will find you, when you start to walk the path.

It is mainly a path of every day life, with rituals of every day life incorporating the wheel of the year. It happens here and now in your body which is your first temple and your first sacred grove.

So, prepare first your body, then your room, your flat or house, your balcony or garden to be this temple.

This is already a lot!

Feed your senses, satisfy them. Live your sexuality, alone or in a partnership as a sacred ritual of the mystical marriage of Goddess and God, out of which the universe and all its inhabitants are born. Increase pleasure and satisfaction in your life, as well as in the lives of your co-beings.

Heal your body and environment with simple and original methods.
Never forget the repeated energy-cleaning and the letting go of unnecessary burdens. Learn how to forgive yourself and others, defend what is sacred to you, dissolve and transform what is blocking you.

Learn how to be carried by the spiral of life which is flowing from itself back to the source of all being.
Help others on the path, because we can only return all together to become one again with the Cosmic Mother.

It is not important how long it takes, and how many lives you need to do that.
But it is important, neither to suppress your shadow nor to ignore it, to be self critical, not fanatical and at least, make one step everyday.

Blessed be!

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