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Significance of Rituals

With using them we can get into contact with our Higher Self, with Devas, spirits and the souls of all beings, with the archetypes, the spirits of the elements and the heavenly bodies, with our ancestors and spiritual guides and last but not least with the deities.

They help us to become more and more one with the cycles of nature and the cosmos, the eternal spiral of life.
Aside from that, they also open us to higher vibrations and help to
bring left and right brain into harmony.

The repeated use of rites will have a growing positive effect on your life and the chosen place of action and can also have more impact on situations than struggles and fights.

It is not important how complicated the ceremony is but, that you
handle it with respect and care and with body, soul and mind.

You will get a totally different feedback if you make it alone or with
more people.

It is especially intensive and satisfying if it is an act only between you and the Divine.
Some ingredients for a successful ritual: Use whatever you find in nature, your voice, your body, conscious breathing, candlelight, holy smokes, flowers, fruits, scents, water, crystals, stones, roots, shells, objects or pictures representing the particular theme, bells, singing bowls, drums etc.

Rituals for every day life and special events in the cycles of life
They bring positive “tension”, blessings, and intenseness into so called banalities of your everyday life like the moments of dawn or dusk, cooking, cleaning, baking, eating, gardening, and travelling. They help you to deal better with sorrows and fears.

Unavoidable events and stations in the cycles of life, joyful or painful, like birth, aging or death, can be experienced in a more positive and constructive way if they are transformed into a little ceremony. More information in


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