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Temple I feel called to recreate a public sacred space, a temple and a sacred grove for the Goddess, Brighid and Her sisters.
After more than 2000 years of suppression, destruction and violation by the patriarchy this is a necessary first sign of compensation and healing.

The Salzkammergut, heartland of Austria, embedded in the Alps, rich with wonderful clear lakes, rivers and brooks, all reflecting different aspects of the Goddess, seems to be the best place for it.

It is here that I want to present the first Austrian-Goddess-Festival, an International spiritual meeting of people, who search or serve the Goddess under whichever name, with artists crafts-wo-men, workshops, dances, songs and rituals.

A further goal is to give back at least one of the ancient sacred water places for its original purpose.

Bloodwell Obviously it is important to first create an inner circle, which can build the energetic pillars of the temple, where purity of motives, respectfulness and spiritual direction are in harmony.

Furthermore I hope a platform can be created for all serious and no fanatical worshippers of the Goddess, the Great Mother.


On this point I call all individuals who want to contribute to that with ideas, and in a spiritual or material way.

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