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In different sources you will find in some cases contradictory rankings of the Goddesses, this is, because we are looking back into a cult over a period of thousands of years, so a lot of cultural adaptations and mix-ups happened.

In the following I am proposing a certain order, which is usual in Glastonbury around Kathy Jones, the founder of the Goddess Conference, and based on the way how I experienced these Goddesses and their names.
But every person may create their own picture of it and find those names which best represent each special quality of the eight festivals.
In case of doubt it is equally right to “just” call Her Goddess, Great Mother or Mother-God.

The most important thing is what you are feeling and that you are not just repeating words; it is essential to address Her with words coming out of your heart.


I especially love this Goddess of three shapes!

Brigit, Bridie, Bride, St. Brigit, Heilige Brigitte are some of Her names.
Often She is meant when figures of tales are called the Bright-One, the Shining-One, and the Lady-in-White.

She seems to be equivalent to several other world entities well known in the countries along the alps, like Frau Percht (the Shining-One) and Frau Holle (the Fair-One, the Bright-One) and seemingly She was worshipped wherever there were Holy Sources and statues and pictures of Mary.

What does Brighid mean? “breo-saigit” means fiery arrow, flying out of the darkness of a deep winter’s night to light the holy flame in and around us.

The triple Goddess as maiden, lover/mother and crone represents all magical aspects of womanhood as well as the continuous changes in nature.

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