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Goddess: Bridie, Brigit, Lucia, Brighid as Maiden
Direction: North - East
Element: Air - fire - water
Colours: White, lilac
Plants: Snowdrops, primrose
Power Animals: Swan, white snake, white cow, wolf, deer
Magic Objects: Spindle, spinning wheel, chalice of the healing waters, swan feathers
Ritual Food: Sweet oat cakes, sheep milk, milk
Theme: Cleaning and healing with the holy flames and the holy water, opening of the heart, appearance of the new light, new life impulse for the waters after the winter-freeze


Goddess: Artha, Artemis, Minerva, Eostre, Ostaria, Goddess of Dawn, the independent huntress, Goddess of Fire
Direction: East
Element: Fire
Colours: Green, gold
Plants: Daffodils, violets, catkins
Power Animals: She-bear, hen, hare, cat, owl
Magic Objects: Bow and Arrow, spear, magic wand
Ritual Food: Red egg, bakery in the shape of bunnies, sprouts, round white breads as symbols of the spring full moon, garlic leaves soup
Theme: Focusing on your own power, activation of positive aggression, wild dances, colouring eggs with red - give them away - break them symbolically, fixing bundles of nine plants decorated with ribbons of the five elements in garden or home, light holy fire and jump over it
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