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The Goddess in and around us

One day workshop for women

Theme: The female elemental power between creation and destruction, The Triple Goddess (Brighid and others) maiden-lover/mother-crone.
Celtic spirituality and rituals for everyday life will help you to always feel complete and be connected with the Goddess, who lives in you untouchable and non-destroyable as a pulsing power source.

Location: Ayurveda-Lebensfreundehaus, St. Wolfgang (Salzkammergut, Austria)
Date: 07.10.2006
Costs: € 70.-, incl. vegetarian meal
Number of participants: 8 -15

Only by registration incl. a deposit of €35.- required one week before!
Information and registration via E-Mail

Sacred Pleasure – Embody the Goddess – Shape the Goddess in You

One day workshop for women

Theme: The Goddess - Hearing – Tasting – Smelling – Feeling
Spiritual handcraft to decorate your home or working place, celebrate the Goddess in you with rituals of pleasure and delights, do good for your body, which is your first and most important temple
Dancing, singing, feeling well …

Location: Salzkammergut (A)
Date: Autumn /Winter

Information and registration via E-Mail

Actual Dates

Information and registration via E-Mail

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